Bonus to all employees

After a challenging year, Rotte thanks his workforce with a bonus payment

The Corona pandemic and its effects hit the entire economy in 2020. Through it all, the family-owned company was able to rely on highly motivated colleagues and tremendous team cohesion.
"The work performance of our employees and their compliance with the Corona rules in times of pandemic particularly deserve our appreciation," emphasizes managing partner Ulrich Rotte, "which is why we decided to pay out a special payment totaling around 100,000 Euros to our employees." 



Committed employees and good order situation


In December, Rotte pays out the bonus to all active employees. This is the family-owned company's way of thanking them for their cohesion and commitment during a challenging time.
"Thanks to the exemplary attitude and tireless commitment of our workforce, we are getting through the Corona crisis very well so far," praises Benedikt Rotte, managing partner. "Our order situation has been consistently positive, so we have not had to think about short-time working or job cuts. On the contrary, we even hired additional staff in recent weeks."

The coming year will also be challenging for the global economy, and the situation remains tense. Due to its own good economic development, the company is looking to the future with confidence and is moving even closer to its customers with state-of-the-art plant technology and excellent service.