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3D Bin Picking

Robot cell for the separation of chaotically prepared workpieces by "gripping into the box"

3D Bin Picking with Keyence 3D vision camera in robot cell


We automate your individual "grip in the box" in a flexible robot cell - adapted to your production conditions.

  • Do you already manufacture fully flexible in batch size one?
  • Do you still know tomorrow whether your product will remain like this?
  • Do all your employees always do everything right?
  • Do you still find employees for stupid assembly work?

You are sceptical whether this solution is the right one? Take advantage of our cross-industry process knowledge and simply try it out: In our


Far from glossy brochures and many words, we proactively check the feasibility of your project. In our Rotte test lab, we carry out a feasibility study with your workpiece and, based on the results obtained, we can develop a solution for you.

In the bin-picking cell we use 3D camera technology with projection and object recognition to identify the gripping positions. These image recordings are evaluated according to various evaluation criteria by component scan or CAD data and provide the robot with the 3D gripping position as well as the sequence of the recognized workpieces. The camera works independently of the main time.

Depending on the requirements of the subsequent processes, we can also integrate additional detection systems into your production processes in accordance with your tasks. For this purpose, gripping processes are checked for process validation.

Rotte acts as an integrator for the KEYENCE Bin Picking System 3D ROBOT VISION CV-X480D

Integration of camera and detection systems from other companies are also possible.

Optionen und Erweiterungen

  • Lage- und Qualitätskontrolle
  • Aussortierung und Rücklagerung
  • Anbindung an das Bediener-Assistenz-System "Smart-Factory-Panel"

Ihre Vorteile

  • Individuelle Greiferentwicklung
  • Roboterzelle wird passend auf Ihre räumlichen Gegebenheiten konstruiert
  • Flexible Zuführung, kein bauteilspezifisches System notwendig
  • Flexible über diverse Produkte einsetzbar
  • Einfluss auf Ihren Produktfluss
  • Mannloses Arbeiten beim Vorprozess
  • Bestückung von Trays, Fertigungsmaschinen, Prüfautomationen
Automated consignment with 3D Kamera on seperate axle
Keyence 3D Vision camera integrated on a mobile rack
Source: Keyence 3D Robot Vision CV-480D
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