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3D Bin Picking

System for seperating of chaotic provided parts

3D Vision camera system by Keyence
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  •     Provided bulk goods are available as unsorted bulk goods
  •     Unwieldy dosage forms, such as wire mesh boxes, cartons, system crates
  •     3D camera technology for localisation of the construction unit
  •     Location and quality control possible
  •     Sorting out and return storage possible


Our answer to this is "the grip in the box" or also called Bin Picking.

To identify the gripping positions, we use 3D camera technology with strip projection and object recognition. These images are evaluated according to various evaluation standards and provide the robot with the 3D gripping position and sequence of the recognized workpieces. Depending on the requirements of further processing, we check the position and quality of the selected parts in a downstream vision process. This inspection of the gripping result serves to secure the process during the feeding of subsequent processes. Gripping results outside the tolerance lead to sorting out or back storage in the bulk material.

Rotte acts as an integrator for the

KEYENCE Bin Picking System 3D ROBOT VISION CV-480D


    Keyence 3D Vision camera integrated on a mobile rack
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    Grap in the box- Bin Picking
    Source: Keyence 3D Robot Vision CV-480D
    3D-camera technic Bin Picking
    Robotic Bin Picking gripper
    quality control through Bin Picking

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