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Automatic picking

Robot systems for picking of fronts or carcass elements

Kommissionierung durch Roboter und Greifer in der Möbelindstrie
  • Smart picking according to production sequence, e.g. in trolleys or picking carts
  • Single compartment access eliminates need for resorting
  • Separating component stacks to pallets with undefined content and status report
  • Intermediate buffer for separation
  • Careful handling of the components
  • Guaranteeing the correct compartment allocation and component orientation for the subsequent process



The system for picking planar components is divided into an unstacking and a picking section.

The unstacking section is fed manually or automatically with pre-picked stacks in a sorted or unsorted order. The high buffer quality is ensured by several conveying lanes. Empty pallets are stacked and then returned. A separate manual sorting process is not required when setting up your batch sizes for picking on pallets – irrespective of whether you pack, for example, country style, lacquered or veneer fronts on a pallet.

In the next step after unstacking a line scan camera accurately measures the position and size of all separated or manually fed components, and a bar code/QR code reader identifies them again. This plausibility check allows incorrectly labeled components to be stored in an out-of-order area within the system. Irrespective of their orientation, left or right doors, curved country-style fronts or components with handle recesses are stored at predefined storage positions according to your individual specifications. An intermediary buffer is therefore a suitable alternative if, for example, the correct picking trolley has yet not been registered.

Production example:


approx. 4.5 cycles per minute

Component dimensions:

80 x 120 x 16mm to 1,400 x 600 x 24mm

Trolley bays:

6, one thereof is an out-of-order space

Master computer connection:


Bar code identification:

independent of the position


heavy-duty brush system



Pallet bays:


Intermediate buffer spaces:



approx. 27m x 12m

Compartment interval trolley / buffer:

75 mm



Packing pattern specification:            

not required

Zero edge:

not required


Options and extensions:

  • Smart Factory Panel 4.0 for operator support
  • Connection to various master computers
  •  Automatic feeding and emptying by driverless transport systems