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Buffer FIFO 20

Buffering and retrieving laminates according to the FIFO principle

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  •  20 buffer positions for panes, laminates, modules
  •  Decouple module line from stringer and laminator
  •  Permanent availability of material increases line performance
  •  Freely selectable sequence of storing and retrieving
  •  Storing time pre-selectable
  •  Selective access to each individual laminate
  •  Putting into storage and retrieving from storage in one step

Technical data:

  •  Module sizes: 48-96 cells
  •  20 storage positions
  •  Storing < 45 sec
  •  Double cycle < 60 sec
  •  Module orientation LSL


  •  Further storage positions
  •  Shorter cycle times


The FIFO (First In, First Out) 20 decouples your module line from stringer and laminator. Your production will be more independent from disturbances, and your production output is increased. The hoist serves 20 racks with its telescopic fork in random order. Storing and retrieving occurs independently of the remaining occupancy of the storage rack. Buffer and storage strategy are freely selectable. The buffer times are individually monitored for each rack. Selectable maximum buffer times guarantee on-time retrieval

of e. g. panes with EVA foils within processing time. Panes and laminates are transported and positioned on the integrated belt conveyors. The servo drive lifts the hoist accurately to the selected rack and positions the pane on the storage rack arms that are coated with a surface protection layer. The conveying speed is especially tuned to the gentle handling of the not yet laminated loose matrix. The FIFO 20 can be integrated into existing conveying lines and their control or it can be upgraded with its own control.

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