Single product


Buffer system and picking cell

Transport of hot plates with intermediate buffering for cooling and commissioning

Buffer system for picking panels
  • Variable intermediate buffering of the components
  • Picked stack formation according to packing pattern
  • Universal gripper for handling all component sizes
  • Automatic cardboard feeding as intermediate layer for sensitive surfaces
  • Transport of components in different dimensions
  • Automatic component recognition by bar or QR code
  • Additional manual infeed or outfeed option



After the upstream processing step, e.g. hot pressing of composite material plates or other flat components, they are taken over by the transport line.

Up to four workpieces can be fed here depending on the position of the workpiece. These are then automatically separated and fed individually to the robot. The position is measured so that the robot can remove the panels with its universal gripper in the exact position and then feed them to the assigned shelf compartment.

After the cooling time, the robot removes the panels and stacks them on a commissioning cart according to a specified, individually calculated packing pattern. Here, the robot places up to four cardboard strips between each layer.

Production example



Buffer locations:


Size of the components:

min. 300 x 80 mm | max. 2.950 x 1.700 mm


min. 15 mm to max. 42 mm

Cycle time:

max. every 45 sec./part


Options and extensions:

  • Number of buffer locations according to customer requirements
  • Depositing the cooled components on a milling machine
  • Connection to a downstream machining centre (BAZ)
  • Smart Factory Panel