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Development, design and construction of individual gripping systems

develop, design and build individual gripper technology for every area of application.
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The gripper is the "heart" of the automation. The components to be handled must be gripped and deposited quickly, safely and above all without damage.

Precision, performance, functionality and longevity are therefore important characteristics that make up a gripper system. We develop, design and build gripper technology that is specially tailored to your specific robot application or handling solution.

ROTTE develops gripper technologies for every industry and every area of application - from vacuum grippers to gripper systems with tolerance compensation.

Please contact us! We will make your ideas "tangible".

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Vakuumgreifer Entlwickung, Konstruktion, Bau

Vacuum grippers

  • for glass panes, wooden plates, metal blocks or plates, for 3D sheet metal contours, deep-drawing foils for large surface parts without starting points for form closure, for flat unstable parts, where there is no possibility of gripping, for one-sided accessibility

Finger gripper

  •  for form-fit as well as frictionally engaged workpiece fixture

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Greifer mit Toleranzausgleich

Gripper with tolerance compensation

  • are used when joining processes are located above insertion bevels or an exact height cannot be guaranteed or determined. As well as when component positions are determined by sensors during gripping or when gentle component handling is more important than positional accuracy
Magnetgreifer zum Handling von Rohren

Magnetic gripper

  • for flexible gripping of magnetizable workpieces of different product families or a production sequence in different manufacturing steps

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Gripping with position detection

  • allows the localization of the workpieces by 2D/3D camera technology. Position-specific gripping without prior alignment or recognition and sorting of the workpieces to be gripped according to product type characteristics

Stationary clipboard grippers

  • as intermediate storage and for reprogramming. As a second hand also with its own motion sequence, if no second robot can be used in a meaningful way

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Further gripper systems:

  • Grippers for the removal of large plastic injection moulded parts from the injection moulding machines
  • Single gripper
  • Double gripper
  • Water jet cutting lances
  • Gripper changing systems (manual and fully automatic)
  • Gripper stations from one to several interchangeable grippers
  • Integration of force moment sensors on the robot gripper
  • and much more.