Picking and sorting system with AGVs

Intermediate buffering, sorting and stacking of a non-continuous flow of furniture fronts

  • Verification of the correct assignment of the barcode to the workpiece
  • Situation-dependent intermediate buffering of parts
  • Strategic material flow planning for most efficient plant utilization
  • Automatic stacking pattern generation
  • Driverless transport of empty and full plates



A non-continuous flow of furniture fronts is transferred from the previous line. At infeed, the parts are measured individually and the barcode is read. The actual data are compared with the stored data in the database of the production control system.

After this plausibility check, strategy software controls the flow of parts in the system with the aid of robots on linear axes, belt conveyors and racks. In this way, peak loads can be buffered depending on the situation and the available plant capacity can be used efficiently.

The aim of the system is to place furniture fronts of various dimensions on pallets according to an automatically generated packing pattern or stacking pattern. The transport of full and empty pallets is carried out by driverless transport vehicles.


Production example:
ProductFurniture fronts
Roboter3x Fanuc R-2000iC/125L
Linear axis

2x F.EE Traversing axis

Length: 17m

GripperArea suction gripper
Furniture front holderMink brushes
Cycle time7,5 Sec.
Side lengths of the furniture fronts120 - 2,262 mm


Options and extensions:
  • Various storage systems (pallets, trolleys, boxes, ...)
  • Optimization of the system by means of simulation
  • Adaptation of the stacking pattern to product features, e.g. grooves
  • Checking the assignment of the barcode to the component
  • Adaptation of the plant-internal buffer capacity
  • Connection to production control system
Kommissionieren und Sortieren mit fahrerlosen Transportsystemen
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