Single product


Robot cell for product storage in small load carriers

Automated depositing of products in small load carriers with connected conveyor system for subsequent storage

Fully automated depositing of products in KLT with connected conveyor system for storing the filled small load carriers
  • Removal of the assembled and tested products from the workpiece carrier with industrial robot
  • Storage of the products in small load carriers according to product- or order-specific packing patterns
  • Transport and provision of the small load carriers
  • Parallel order production with universal gripper and several staging areas for small load carriers
  • Possibility of parallel manual storage outside the robot cell




This product storage system is the link between (automated) production and automatic small parts storage.
The robotic cell can be integrated directly into the assembly line and thus enables a continuous production flow. The robot takes the products from the workpiece carrier and places them into the provided SLC. This process can be extended as required to include additional tasks such as joining components, applying labels and/or quality inspections. The manual putaway station increases the flexibility of the cell and enables the storage of other products, e.g. from assembly stations outside the line.
The empty small load carriers are taken over by upstream conveyor technology and conveyed to the staging areas for the robot or manual storage. The staging areas are equipped with barcode scanners to identify the SLC and enable the products to be assigned to the small load carriers. Filled small load carriers are removed via the conveyor system and transferred to the automatic small parts warehouse.


Production sample:


Control housing (over 20 variants)

Product supply

Workpiece carrier on monorail

Small load carriers provision

4 places for robots
4 places for manual putaway


Fanuc M-20iA/12L


Pneumatic large stroke gripper

Conveying technology

Roller conveyors with lift

Cycle time

< 20 seconds
(incl. joining process, type plate application and camera control)


Options and extensions:

  • Integration into existing intralogistics
  • KLT marking (e.g. with label according to VDA standard)
  • Connection to existing ERP system
  • Quality Control
  • Smart Factory Panel 4.0 for operator support