Automated perforation of moulded parts

Robot automated perforation of shaped parts with different dimensions

Automated hole punching
  • High accuracy through camera evaluation
  • Exchangeable punching tool sets
  • Variable product stack heights up to 300 mm
  • Gripper changing system with 3D printed vacuum grippers



Automated punching of shaped parts with robot.

The line is equipped with two 2D camera systems for positioning and punching control. Two parallel conveyor belts are used for material infeed and outfeed. The connection with the first camera system and a laser sensor for height detection guarantees a high positioning accuracy.

The system can process shaped parts with different dimensions. Different hole diameters can also be realized by using interchangeable punching tool sets. The robot picks up a shaped part by means of a camera system, corrects the position of the part on the gripper before the punch and moves into the punching tool. After the perforation has been made, the second camera system checks the perforation for centricity and places the shaped part on the table. If the result is not OK, it is sorted out as a missing part.

The stacking height of the finished parts can be varied in relation to subsequent work steps, such as packaging.

Due to the compact design, the system can also be used in limited spaces.

Production example:

Part size


Hole diameter of shaped part

variable due to exchangeable punching tools


approx. 360 pcs./h.


Options and extensions:
  • Connection to the operator assistance system "Smart-Factory-Panel
  • Different grippers