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Technologies and Solutions


Our mission with respect to robot technology includes expedient automation, with good sound judgment, balanced between robots and humans as a team.

In this way, we combine the strengths of the robot, which is responsible for precision and endurance, and human competence for highly sensitive processes. This approach allows us to create systems for flexible Production 4.0 just in sequence with great product diversity. We integrate robot technology when the required degree of freedom can no longer be achieved using classic linear technology and rotary axes, with conveyor lines or hoist units. The advantages of the robot as a an element for solving complex and individual tasks lies in the efficiency of its performance capability, the provided flexibility, and the ability to react to an existing or anticipated variety of versions.

Industrial Image Processing

2D and 3D image processing has been designed to support position recognition, identification and sorting.

Sorting refers to recognizing various product manifestations or quality characteristics. Using industrial image processing, we determine the correct gripper point for the fully-automatic robot handling for anticipated position deviations or for unsorted or unaligned components. We determine the logical target for the components to be gripped using bar code identification or the QR code identification. This is an imperative precondition within the context of Industry 4.0 in the context of the “just in sequence” topic. One of our visions for the future regarding industrial image processing is to play a role in the realization of self-learning image recognition.  

Industry 4.0

We understand the philosophy of Industry 4.0, and we implement it in a way that is flexible, fully-automated, self-explanatory and user friendly.

Reinventions are our strong suit, which we get straight to the heart of with the customers in mind: integrated, personalized concepts for broad product diversity. Our competence within the scope of Industry 4.0 centers on interconnected systems with intuitive operator guidance, decentralized sensor intelligence and active workpiece holders.

Smart-Factory-Panel 4.0

We used the information input of Wikipedia, the intuitive operation of smartphone and tablet as models to compile this small technical marvel.

From this, we developed our multi-system capable Smart-Factory-Panel 4.0, which can be used to equip, put into operation and troubleshoot the most intuitively complicated systems. The communication systems can be utilized a good distance away, even from one‘s own sofa at home, just like the self-editing Help function (Wiki), the system and production visualization and the Messenger function. WLAN is sufficient. We endeavor to make high-tech automation serve people well, in a fast, easy and understandable way for everyone.

The Ulrich Rotte Spheres of Activity

We will be happy to advise you in the selection and layout of processing machines, from individual machines to special systems. Here at Rotte, we plan and lay out your new manufacturing processes and build your systems from a single source with a vertical range of manufacture of 100%. Simply let us know your ideas and requirements. This allows us to best advise you on your conceptual formulation, and subsequently plan, manufacture, and install your system and put it into operation at your site. As a full-service system house, we attend to the interfaces of the individual machines just as for an integral system with CE conformity and the associated security concept.

Do not hesitate to challenge us in matters pertaining to interface coordination, system operation, and process control and process visualization. We are also on hand with help and advice in connecting to your master computer system and the documentation of your production data (BDE).

Production Processes Rationalization Quality Assurance

Production Processes

Production processes as a special solution: wobble milling, punching, deburring, cutting, laminating, cooling, heating, deep-drawing, turning, injecting, joining, assembling, screwing.

Our core competence lies in systems that do not yet exist: innovative special solutions that are not found in any pigeonhole. Our customers come to us with a request, and we develop the vision and enable it to become a reality in a need-based production process, such as in a calender with a quick-change roller or with a milling machine that uses short-stroke operation for wobble milling.

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Rationalization – not at any price, but rather by using good judgment for active safeguarding of the production location.

Safeguarding of the production premises is an intelligent combination comprised of human capability and automation. Human skill is used to transfer monotonous, uninspiring and repetitive activities to a machine, thereby increasing efficiency and improving workplace quality. Avoid shortage of skilled labor by using our intelligent and user-friendly automation. 

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Our solutions for fully-automatic, concurrent quality inspection and plausibility assessment guarantee that only 100% flawless components are manufactured at every stage of the value-added chain. We therefore draw on unlimited technical resources: lasers, optical image recognition, high-resolution line scan cameras, ultrasound, temperature and torque monitoring, odometer systems, process monitoring with documentation, force and path measurement. Whatever you may need for quality assurance in order to ensure that production proceeds with process reliability and free from defects, we will integrate into your system. Concurrent quality assurance has the great advantage of identifying faulty components as early as possible, and preventing costly further processing. 

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Nur durch das gemeinsame Handeln von Technik und Mensch erschließt sich das gesamte Potential der Automatisierung