Automation of measurement technology

Fully automated placement of measuring instruments

Identification of the sample by a barcode
  • Pick-and-place robot application
  • Supply of bulk material from workpiece carriers or defined transfer trays
  • Option of manual assembly
  • Placement of several measuring devices by one robot
  • Communication with customer database


Automated measuring systems in quality assurance ensure simple, fast and reduced-cost process control.
In the system, the sample is identified by means of a barcode and placed by the robot in exactly the right position in the corresponding measuring device. After testing, the results are documented and transmitted via an interface to the customer's documentation program. Manual intervention in quality control is possible at any time.
Ideally, several measuring instruments would be placed by a robot in order to optimally utilize the system and test different samples simultaneously. Automated quality control can be used in a wide variety of applications, e.g. in X-ray fluorescence analysis or for roughness measurement. High-resolution 3D line scan cameras are used for the optical inspection of the test item. The measurement technology can be installed in time with the production cycle within the production line (inline) or outside the production process.

Production example:




Sample material

Steel plate

Measuring instruments

Surface roughness + material analysis

Material supply

Stacked on transfer tray

Unmanned measurement with one implementation

Approx. 8 hours

Options and extensions:
  • Samples of different geometries
  • Multi-gripper
  • Removal of samples which are faulty
  • Smart Factory Panel