Drawer assembly automation

Robot cell for assembly of trays for drawers and pull-outs

  • Just in sequence
  • Operator pick-to-light assistance system and video projection
  • Fully automatic, infinitely variable size adjustment
  • Fully automatic loading and unloading as well as pressing
  • Plausibility check / fail-safety thanks to visual recognition technology


The robot cell is used for the automated assembly of drawers (D) and pull-outs (PO) up to batch size 1.

The material is fed in either manually by a worker or fully automatically. Manual provisioning is supported by optical assistance systems such as product-specific projections and pick-to-light. During fully automatic material feeding, either the robot unloads the material directly or additional robot cells support it in this process.

The press adjusts automatically to the required size. After material supply, a vision process detects the exact position so that the main robot can precisely remove the components and fully automatically insert them into the press. The pressing process is triggered automatically. The robot then removes the finished tray and transfers it to an (optional) transfer station. This means that the tray lies on the conveyor belt with the opening facing upwards.

Production example:

Robot cells

4 robot cells:

Cell for preparing the bases with 28 pallet spaces, cell for preparing frames and rear walls, 2 cells with a fully automatic press and component recognition for D/PO assembly in "batch size 1"

Connection of cells

By belt conveyor

Base (width)

300 - 1.200 mm

Base (depth)

300, 400, 500 mm

Frames (depths)

300, 400, 500 mm, different types

Back walls (widths)

Widths from 120 - 1,200 mm, different types


2,131 D/PO per shift

Press infeed

Fully automatic, infinitely variable

Insertion and removal

Fully automatic in “batch size 1”

Your advantages:
    • Demand-oriented: Production of D and PO which also require a Just in Sequence system on the cabinet assembly line
    • Increased flexibility: Manual set-up of the press and insertion of the components are no longer necessary
    • Errors are minimized thanks to state-of-the-art projection and pick-by-light technology


    Options and extensions:

    • Host computer connection for production progress and completion messages
    • Automated assembly of the front of the tray
    • Connection to your intralogistics is possible
    • Automated concepts for material supply
    • Smart Factory Panel 4.0 for operator support