Bale cutter for rubber processing

Customized solutions for special customer requirements

  • Precise cut thanks to the rotating circular blade
  • Easy handling in one-man operation
  • Practical storage for offcuts
  • Protective light grid guarantees safe operation
  • Workplace lighting



When cutting rubber, short handling distances are of central importance. This is achieved through the operation from only one side, among other things. At the touch of a button, the rubber bale is cut with a circular blade. The unique pieces are then automatically conveyed back to the operator so that the rubber is immediately ready for weighing on the belt scale. A tray on the bale cutter serves to store offcuts. The operator's working area is protected by a light grid.


Bale size

600 x 400 x300 mm

Bale weight

40 – 60 kg

Machine dimensions

1800 x 1800 x 1450 mm

Working height

850 mm

Blade diameter

600 mm

Blade speed

37 U/min

Smallest cutting weight

approx. 0.1 kg

Cutting materials

Natural rubber and synthetic rubber.