Batch-Off Systems for the Rubber Mixing Room

Complete system solutions, retrofi tting and upgrading of existing bat

Batch Off cooling machine
  •  Discharge and feeding belts optional with marking device and sampling device
  •  Dip tank with strip cutting unit
  •  Tilting gripper for one and two handover positions
  •  Stacker with pneumatic controlled hold down flaps and cross cutter
  •  Pallet shifter and magazine for fully automated production
Production example:

Throughput capacity:

10 t/h

Sheet width:

1200 mm

Stacking speed:

max. 30 m/min

Pallet dimensions:

1,2 m x 1,5 m

Capacity of pallet magazine:

10 pieces

  •  Marking device
  •  Sampling device
  •  Brushing device
  •  Pallet magazine for variable pallet dimensions