Belt granulator for plastics and rubber

Tailor-made solutions for special customer requirements

  • High cutting performance
  • Fast tool change
  • Adjustable granule dimensions
  • Task-specific adjustable cutting width



Two counter-rotating cutter spindles grip the sheet material and cut it into separate strips according to the width of the cutters. Special scrapers prevent the material from clinging to the cutter spindles. The spindles are followed by a rotating cross cutter which cuts the strips and thus defines the length of the granules dependent upon the selected speed ratio. The pelletizer can be upgraded with a dusting unit for different materials and process requirements. The machine may also be equipped with a touch screen to allow for a comfortable and ergonomic HMI interface.

Technical data:

Strip width of the starting material

max. 600 mm

Granule dimensions

6 mm x 6 mm

Max. cutting speed

18 m/min

Drive power comb rollers

15 kW

Drive power rotor blade

7,5 kW


Options and extensions:
  • Dusting device
  • Suction device
  • Big Bag Stations
  • Custom integration into production processes
  • Touch screen HMI interface