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Deep drawing and cutting of sealing fleece

Deep drawing and cutting of moulded corners for sealing damp and wet rooms

  • Scope of delivery includes the complete production process of the sealing fleece roll
  • Unwinding, cutting to length and slicing, heating, deep drawing and cooling
  • Cutting out the shape contour from the deep-drawn blank
  • Subsequent storage on the outfeed line

Deep drawing and cutting are carried out on one mould, so that shaping and trimming are carried out accurately from one casting. In order to increase product flexibility and to realize the 3D cutting contour of the finished inner and outer corners, a 6-axis industrial robot is used which also removes the finished parts and the trim residue from the deep-drawing mould. So that shaping and cutting do not have to wait for each other, the production line is equipped with 2 tools on a rotary indexing table, meaning that both core processes can work almost continuously. An essential process time parameter is heating and deep drawing. Depending on the product and the shape of the deep-drawing mould, 100 to 120 ready-cut sealing corners can be produced. The fleece sections are heated by radiant heaters, whose heat input to the fleece is monitored and controlled by non-contact temperature sensors. The sealing fleece blank to be processed has a dimension of 400mm x 400mm; other dimensions can be easily implemented on request. Special shapes in the cutting contour must be checked in advance using robot simulations. A standard knife blade is used as the cutting tool, which is protectively covered when the robot is in park position.




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