Packaging machine for bags and pouches

Automated packaging of bags and pouches into cardboard boxes

Packaging line with Fanuc robot
  • Uniform packing patterns and process-reliable packing density
  • Packing of single pouches or stacks of pouches
  • Packing of pouches when inverted or not inverted
  • Insertion of paperboard for layer separation
  • Printing of the intermediate layers to show the pouch quantity
  • No miscounting the number of pouches
  • Automated set-up for product changeover
  • Connection to your intralogistics system



As a consistent continuation of your production line for pouches or bags, our system takes over your products directly after storage. Do you need paperboard in your cardboard boxes to separate the layers? Or do you also need the paperboard to be printed with the number of pouches packed under it? We have solutions for these requests as well. Our gripping strategies and systems for your products are proven and well-engineered and can deposit your product into almost any size of cardboard box.

Do you want to connect the packaging stage to your intralogistics system or automate your existing intralogistics system at the same time? We are happy to support you in various areas, from erecting the cardboard box, to sealing the base and lid, right up to palletizing and / or storage in existing storage systems or logistics systems.

There is also the option of overseeing the loading process on the monitor screen.

Production example:

Pouch variations

Without zipper | With front zipper | With corner zipper | With slider | With side handle


Widths from 140 – 450 mm |
Lengths from 200 – 750 mm

Fabric films

Widths from 200 – 450 mm |
Lengths from 700 – 1200 mm

Grip hole bags

Single or double folded

Loop bags

Single or double folded

Pouches per stack

10 – 20 items


Bags per stack

25 – 100 items

Packing layer images

Customized according to your specifications

Inversion of pouches or stacks

For front or rear storage
packed upwards in the cardboard box

Large cardboard box L/B/H on pallet

1200 x 800 x 1000mm
1200 x 1000 x 1000mm
1200 x 1200 x 1000mm

Small cardboard box

According to your specifications