Part handling with robots

Picking up (small) parts and depositing them in alignment

  • Pick-and-place robot application
  • Product supplied as bulk material, from other robots or from defined transfer points
  • Multi-gripper (depending on product)
  • Storage in the correct position
  • Output arranged on product holders, with specific customer packaging, etc.



With our individual systems, unsorted and sorted parts can be brought into the correct position. Industrial robots with specific grippers pick up (small) parts tirelessly at high speed and always place them in the correct position. There are also numerous additional possibilities, such as transferring parts directly from robot to robot or equipping machine tools.

Thanks to our customer-oriented project planning, existing standard systems can also be customized with our solutions.

Production example:



Transfer from

Grinding robot


sorted in a tray

Output quantity

2,400 pieces/hour

Options and extensions:
  • Multi-product capability
  • Gripper change
  • Camera control
  • Smart Factory Panel