Single product


Robot cell for functional testing of control housings

Fully automated contacting of circuit boards or electronic components and key testing with force measurement

Robot cell for quality control
  • Testing of complete controls or spare parts (boards)
  • Contacting with industrial robots or pneumatic cylinders
  • Key testing with touch finger and force measurement on industrial robots
  • Parallel order production through multi-product capable tools
  • Communication with host computer and evaluation software


The fully automatic function test ensures that only flawless products are transferred from the assembly line to the downstream processes.

Ideally, the robotic cell is integrated directly into the assembly line in order to enable a continuous production flow and to feed bio-tested products to the reworking department via a short path. After the product to be tested has been pre-positioned, the contacting for power supply, communication and output measurement takes place. When the evaluation software is called up, the individual keys are pressed with the finger and the required pressure is recorded. In all steps a camera control can also be used for optical inspection. After the test, the result is recorded and reported to the host computer. Depending on the test result, the product is released or rejected.

The system is designed as a completely closed cell (aluminium profile system with protective screens), taking into account the protective measures for the soil. The robots stand on a compact base frame and are equipped with different tools depending on the product variety. These tools are used for contacting as well as for key testing and can be supplemented by further tools, e.g. On pneumatic cylinders or linear axes. The individual contact elements are easily accessible and can be easily replaced if necessary.

Production example:


control housing (<10 variants)

Product supply

Workpiece carrier on monorail


2x Fanuc LRMate 200iD

Tools on Robot

1x combined contacting

1x keypad

Other tools

side contacting by means of pneumatic cylinders

Cycle time

under 30 s (depending on product)


Options and extensions:

  • camera control
  • product identification, e.g. with label printer
  • connection to existing erp-system
  • (Fully automatic) tool changing system
  • smart factory panel 4.0 for operator support