Roller conveyor modular

Customizable roller conveyors

 Roller conveyor systems with modular design
  • Transfer of stacked products from upstream plant
  • Conveying and buffering on different long segments
  • Sensory detection for tracking of conveyed products
  • With toothed belt drive for piece goods
  • Flat design allows easy mounting on transfer car or vertical transfer unit



Roller conveyors are the ideal solution for transporting and buffering medium-heavy transport goods with a uniform contact surface. The toothed belt drive of the rollers is a low-maintenance and particularly low-noise drive system.

A modular design of the roller conveyor allows flexible adaptation to different conveyed goods and conditions on site. Thanks to flat traverses, the roller conveyors can be operated with a very low conveying height, but massive underframes are also possible. The sensor system is ideally suited to the material being conveyed and can be variably adjusted. Additional sensors, tread plates or side guides can be easily installed in the roller conveyor, depending on the ambient conditions and other requirements.

The intelligent control system makes optimum use of the entire length of the conveyor line to buffer stacks of different lengths. During transfer, the stacks are identified by means of a scanner and registered with the production control system. The visualization system makes it possible to see at any time where each transport piece is located. The delivery is carried out individually to the downstream 

Production sample:

Conveyed good

Furniture front on plate, approx. 700 kg per stack

Transfer frommanual feeder
Transfer totransverse carriage
Conveying heightfrom 250 mm
Conveyer lengthmulti-strand, approx. 15 m each


Options and extensions
  • Integration of conveyor technology into overall system, e.g. with robots from a single source
  • Integration into existing intralogistics
  • Lift with conveyor technology on the carriage
  • Quality control
  • Smart Factory platform for operator support