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Active workpiece carrier

Flexible workpiece carrier adapts independently

The active force-sensitive workpiece carrier, "winner of the "Innovation price craft of Nordrhine- Westphalia", independently adapts to individual product characteristics such as shape, weight and rigidity. Users save time and costs in production.


The basis of the cyber-physical system is an energy-efficient force/displacement control which enables automatic reconfiguration. The structure of the flexible workpiece carrier is modular. If required, new actuators can be added in order to pick up different workpieces sensitively, clamp them and position them exactly for further processing steps.
The scalable sensor and actuator combinations ensure that a wide range of products is covered - from mobile phones to car doors. They can also be integrated in the smallest installation space.

The customized workpiece carriers have a decentralized control system based on algorithms and models that guarantee highly dynamic processing. The intelligent information processing communicates wirelessly with the process and control level. In this way, new product requirements are dynamically taken into account at runtime. Together with the integrated, inductive energy supply, it can be used in a wide range of scenarios in production and assembly - self-sufficient, scalable and mobile. The concept of the active workpiece carrier allows the proven and also future logistics concepts of production to be implemented with increasing flexibility.

Options and extensions:

  • Adaptation to different device variants
  • Push off or crosswise push off the adapter plates from the workpiece carrier