Socket contacts

Automatable socket concept through thermally free contact

Dosenkontaktierungsverfahren in der Solarmodulproduktion
  • High process accuracy
  • Guaranteed process reproducibility
  • Quality monitoring can be standardized
  • Customized adaptations
  • Flexible insertion for a wide variety of junction boxes
  • No need to babbitt the socket



The newly developed socket contacting process in solar module production sets new standards in quality and automation capability for a smooth and reproducible production process. The application of punching and riveting processes in a single work step enables good process accuracy and thus a durable and safe electrical connection.

The processes are adapted to the respective socket design in order not to restrict the desired flexibility and supply independence. For the first time in crystalline production, thermally free contact is now possible and while still manufacturing 100% automatically. This automated contacting process can be used offline or integrated into an existing production line. A non-locking connection is the safest electrical and mechanical connection that guarantees high and long-term reliability.