Single product


Wireless intelligent sensor systems

Product-based control of industrial production plants through wireless intelligent sensor systems

Intelligent wireless sensor
  • Controls the production process on a single piece basis
  • Individual production data are recorded, evaluated and transferred
  • Quality control through real-time monitoring and documentation

The wireless intelligent sensor system is an autonomous system with its own energy supply and is used for decentralized, flexible control of the production process on a single piece basis.
The stationary charging technology is integrated in the area of the test gyroscope and is suitable for the continuous supply of the sensor module for computationally intensive tasks.

The sensor system

  • records process data at the point of origin
  • evaluates these independently and
  • makes decentralized decisions on the basis of central rules
  • at the same time it functions as a "digital routing slip" across all production steps and
  • communicates alternately with the system control
  • External data are received and processed

This concept enables the efficient production of individual products. At the same time, it can be modularly adapted to different requirements. Furthermore, the documented real-time monitoring of the production processes ensures holistic quality control.
The core of the intelligent sensor system consists of a sensor module that is wirelessly supplied with energy. Thanks to its design, the sensor can be integrated into new and existing production plants across all industries. Decentralized control concepts are one approach to reducing the complexity of entire plants.